“You can’t be serious.” Her accusatory tone only cemented his belief that he’d made the right decision.

“Why not?” Ian leaned back in his plush leather office chair, folding his arms over his chest. Whatever excuse she was about to come up with would definitely be entertaining. Completely irrelevant and not at all strong enough to sway his thinking, but he would the least get a little chuckle.

“Because.” His errant little girlfriend of six months stammered. She was at her cutest when she tried to search for a good reason not to obey him.  So far to date, she had been completely unsuccessful.

“That’s hardly an argument worth discussing.” He pointed out. “Now, if you want me to really consider not administering your spanking in front of our friends out there, you’ll need to come up with something a little more substantial.  Afterall it was Jerry’s wife you insulted. I think she deserves to see your saucy little ass paddled.”

“It’s not the spanking that I am so waorry about!” She shot at him. Her usually light blue eyes darkened. Of couse it wasn’t sthe spanking.  All of the women sitting in his living room at that moment had been spanked at one moment or another, and Sharon had witnessed a few herself. It was the second part of the punishment that worried her.

“Oh, you don’t them to see that, do you?” He shifted his position and tapped his forefinger to his lips, as though he were really giving the matter some thought. “Well, I don’t see away around that. I did warn you didn’t I?”

She had the decency to look down and nod. “Yes, Ian, but- it’s so humiliating.”

“I can see that it might be, but do you think that you are the only one to go through that? You think those women haven’t done the same thing?”

“Not in front of other people.” Her voice lost some of it’s fierceness.

“Not in front of you, maybe. But I have seen at least two of them with their panties around their ankles with their freshly birched asses being fucked by their husbands.”  His crude words didn’t seem to soothe her, as her eyes widened.

“Oh, god. I can’t!” She stood from her chair and turned to run. He was at her in several strides, gripping her arms hard.

“You can and you will. Unless you want to say your word. Say your word and you can go up to bed.”

“And you’ll hate me.” The tears building in her eyes tugged at him. He couldn’t hate her, ever.

“Of course I won’t.  I’ll administer your punishment when we are alone, instead.” He pulled her to his chest, pressing a warm kiss to her temple. “I would never do anything to harm you. I swear it. But you were warned about your attitude this afternoon. You were the one who chose to insult my friend’s wife.”

“She had it coming, you didn’t hear the backhanded compliments- the way she keep giving me dirty looks.”

“Her behavor isn’t my concern. Your’s is.”

She took a few deep breaths before he pushed her for her decision. “If I get this over with now, we can go on like it didn’t happen?”

“Yes, after it’s all done it all goes away.”

“If I go upstairs?”

“Then you stay up there for the night. I’ll deal with you after everyone goes home.”  Which would be around one in the morning.

“Fine.” She thrust her chin up and pulled away from him.

“Go in the other room and get ready. Put a chair  in the center of the room, strip naked, and hands flat on the seat of the chair.”

She swallowed hard then nodded.  He opened the door of his study and watched her march out to the living room.  “Jerry! Can you come here a moment?” He called into the living room. He had indeed heard the way his wife had been treating Sharon.


After several long minutes of being alone in the living room with three pairs of eyes staring at her naked bottom, Sharon almost cried with relief when she heard Ian’s office door open and his foot steps head toward her.  It wasn’t enough that she had to endure that woman’s snarling, now she had to go through a spanking right in front of her.  She couldn’t see her from where she was bent over, but she knew well enough the satisfied grin that sat on the woman’s face.

“Well, now we can begin. I’m sorry for having to take a break from dessert to take care of my Sharon here, but as you all saw her attitude was too much to allow to continue.”

“I agree.” A snide voice answered and Sharon gripped the seat of the chair with more vigor.

“Well, my dear, I’m glad to hear that.”  Sharon heard another chair being placed a few feet to her right. She wanted badly to look to her side and check out the scene, but knew Ian wouldn’t approve.  “Because, it appears you played a pretty center stage piece in tonight’s events. So if you’ll lift up your skirt, remove those panties and get into position. We can begin.”  The metal jangle of a belt buckle filled the air, but only before Cindy gasped. “Now. And no arguing.”

“I wouldn’t get smug if I was you, little girl.” Ian’s soft voice whispered into Sharon’s ear. She didn’t need to respond, and she did her best to keep her satisfaction in check while listening to Cindy getting into position.

Sharon concentrated so hard on what was going on with Cindy she hand’t seen Ian walk to the drawer in the desk. Or heard him take his position behind her. So when the first sound thud of the paddle landed on her ass she screamed out from suprise.

“A dozen.” Ian stated out loud, placing his hand on the small of her back.  HE wouldn’t make her count. He wouldn’t give her time to recover from each blow in order to count.  She willed herself to keep her composure as the paddle landed again. And again.  She tried to keep the tally in her mind, but Jerry had started belting Cindy and her cries distracted Sharon from the count.  She could only think of the burn, the utter piercing burn that had slowly begun to build to the raging, throbbing mess that was now her ass.

He had to be done soon. It had to be almost a dozen. One more crack to her thighs and she let the tears fall from her eyes just as she heard the paddle land on the coffee table. “Look at her red ass.  Thoroughly punished, I’d say.” Ian dragged his nails over her swollen globes. She knew he was talking to Jerry who had stopped spanking his own wife and to his friend Daniel sitting on the couch with his wife. The only woman smart enough to avoid being punished.

“Cindy’s could use more, but I’ll save it for home. Go find a corner and get comfortable.” he patted his wife’s bottom to get her going. Sharon heard the sniffles fade away to the other side of the room.  She counted her lucky.

Ian’s belt buckle opened, and she heard his zipper pull down. “Sharon’s always gets a solid fucking after a spanking. But she’s never allowed to come.” Ian explained to his guests, but she could tell it was more for her benefit that he said the words out loud.

“Sharon, take your position.” He tapped her ass. She stood up from the chair, and moved to the couch, careful to avoid eye contact with the three people surely staring at her.  She draped herself over the arm of the couch, trying not to pay attention that Jerry had to scoot over to make room for her hands.

Her face burned as much as her ass did at that point. “Position, Sharon.” A harder tap to her ass.  She took a deep breath, reminded herself how much Ian loved her, and reached back.  Her ass was hot to her touch, but she ignored it and pulled her cheeks apart.

“I’m ready for my fucking, Ian.” She managed to say the words.

“Good girl.” His cock slid into her easily. No matter how much the audience humiliated her, her body seemed to love it.  To crave his dominance, his punishments, the humiliation of being his fuck toy afterwards.

His cock rammed into her, over and over, filling her. “Go ahead.” She heard Ian mutter and then felt fingers on her tits, pulling at her nipples. She cried out from the burn, but didn’t move to stop them. Ian had given permission.

“She’s a good fuck toy, isn’t she?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, sir.” His wife answered softly.

“Do you want her to lick your cunt?” He asked. Sharon gritted her teeth.

“Oh, that would be great.”

“Maybe another time. If you’re really good, I’ll bring you over when Ian says you can use her mouth. For now, lift up that skirt and sit on my cock.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sharon heard Ian grunt, felt his balls slap her ass, and she wanted to look up, to see what Daniel and his wife were doing. But Ian’s hands gripped her waist and pulled her back against him and he stilled.  His cock throbbed inside of her, spilling his come.

So hungry she was for relief, but he’d never allow it.

Another quick slap to her ass. “Let go of your ass.” He ordered. “Go over to the corner and kneel until I ask you to return.”

Sharon gingerly stood up and nodded.  Taking a quick peek over her shoulder, she saw Daniel’s wife riding him hard on the couch. Saw him suckling her tits, and slapping her ass. She also saw Jerry stroking his cock while sitting next to them.

“Cindy, I  need your mouth.” He called to his wife, who quickly ran to him and knelt in front of him.  He slid his cock inside her mouth, and she began to suck him hard.

Once Sharon was in the corner, Ian knelt beside her and kissed her temple. “Was it as horrible as you thought?”

“No, Sir.” She leaned into his touch. “It wasn’t.  Maybe having an audience isn’t such a horrible thing.”

He laughed, and held her for a moment while their dinner guests finished finding their own fulfillments.

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