“And in the evening? Where were you then?”

The clock on the wall ticked the seconds off in an obscenely loud manner.

“Exactly where I was supposed to be.”

A heavy sigh filled the space between the man and woman. “And where was that?”

Starting with the pinky and ending with the index finger, perfectly manicured nails tapped the table top.  “The same spot I wait every evening.  In the study.”

“For how long?”

“Don’t you mean in what position? Isn’t that what you want to know?” Narrowed eyes met curious ones.

“We’ll get to that. How long did you wait?”

The table shook under the palm slapping down on top of it. “Over an hour.”

A throat cleared. “And in what position were waiting?”

“On my knees. My face pressed to the carpet and my hands folded just above me.”

“I’ll ask again. What position were you in?”

“Dammit.” Her smile broke through her frusteration and she shook her head slightly. “I should have known you checked on me.”

“Of course I did.” He slid his phone onto the kitchen table and leaned closer to his wife. “I came home, being twenty minutes late- not an hour- and found you lounging in the armchair with your phone. I assume reading a dirty book.”

She licked her bottom lip. “The dirtiest.”

“Of course.” He laughed as he wrapped his hand around his wife’s bare arm and pulled her up from her seat.  “I wonder how many times you’ve done that, only to slip into position the moment you heard the front door open.”

She let him lead her to his study. “Only a handful of times.” She grinned slyly.

“Undress.” He left her standing near the couch as he went to his desk, pulling out his favored hair brush.

She grimaced when she saw the weapon he held in his hand and he grinned widely. “Do you really need to use that thing?” Her blouse slid from her arms revealing her petite breasts and flat stomach.

“It’s the only thing in my arsenal that you hate.” He shrugged and ran the back of the brush along his palm. “Skirt, too. Don’t dally.”

Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt, she shoved it down to her ankles and stepped out.  She hadn’t bothered with panties, not when he appeared to be in such a snit about the evening before.

It was bound to happen, him catching her only putting in half the effort she should be putting in. It shouldn’t have surprised her that he saw, or that he pretended not to. He liked to catch her in her own web.

“Over the desk now.” He cupped her elbow and walked her to the desk where she placed her palms and elbows on the red oak top. “Such a lovely ass.”  His thumbs pulled her ass cheeks apart wide. “And such a pretty little pussy. It’s already wet, glistening for me and I haven’t even begun your spanking yet.”

She pressed her face harder into the desk, wishing she could escape his scrutiny.

“I’ve changed my mind.” He tossed the brush to the floor and made quick work of unzipping his jeans. “Hold your ass open for me.”

“I can’t.” She whispered, catching on to his new plan. “Please. I can’t.”

“You can and you will.  Pull your ass cheeks apart, and hold them open for me while I take what belongs to me.” He gave her hip a pinch to get her moving, and slowly those perfectly manicured nails made their way behind her and spread her cheeks for him. “Such a beautiful sight.”

He pressed the head of his cock to the entrance of her pussy.  Slowly, and with great care he sunk himself into her, relishing in the tightness and heat of her flesh gripping him. She let out a low moan when he filled her completely.  Holding her hips, he pulled back out just as cautiously until only the tip of his cock was touching the rim of her pussy.

“Please.” She begged, starting to push back at him. Another harsh pinch to her hip.

“Nope. Girls who obey, who remain in position, and don’t lie get to enjoy their fuckings. Bad girls get used. Hold those cheeks open or I’ll take your ass instead.”

She quickly readjusted her hold on her cheeks.  It had been some time since he used her back hole and she was in no hurry to rush into that activity.  In one quick thrust he was back inside of her, and moving quickly.

Each slap of his balls against her clit drove her deeper into her aroused state.  The mental image of herself holding her ass open for him to use her like some fuck toy, which she was, and glad to be.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the study along with his groans as he fucked her harder and harder still.  Her cheek ran against the wood of his desk almost painfully so as he drove into her again and again. The closer he moved to his orgasm the faster he drug her to hers.

“I have to come. Please!” She finally yelled out into the room.

“Beg me some more.” His fingers dug into her skin.

“I promise to be your good girl from now on. I promise! Please let me come! Please!” She pleaded and promised. Her throat dried from the sincerity of her pleas.

“Fuck.” He thrust harder, deeper. “No. You hold it.” Two more hard thrusts and he pulled free of her.  Hot streams of his come began to land on her back, on her ass cheeks, her hands, and dripped down the opening she created from her positioning.  When he was finished, he told her to stay there. “Just like that. I want to see you hold  your position. Like you were supposed to last night.”

She heard his zipper, heard him shuffle over to the couch and settle down on it.  Her pussy ached from being fucked so hard, and being left empty and wanting.  Her clit pulsed, looking for the little bit of an edge that would shove her into her own orgasm.  While his come continued to slide down between her cheeks, and dry on her hands she realized the punishment hadn’t been a question of disobedience, it had been the answer to her lack of submission.

Laying over his desk on display, brought her mind back to focus. Back on him.  “I’m sorry.” She whispered into the room.

“Ah. There’s  my girl.” He stood up from the couch and reached her in three large strides.  She felt the cool towel wipe her down, his hands releasing her own from her backside. Once she was all cleaned up, he helped her to stand and hugged her.  The scent of his cologne soothed her.

“I should have known, you only ask questions you already know the answer to.”

He kissed her forehead. “Let’s get you to bed. It’s late, and I have court tomorrow.  The opposing council is very stubborn and refuses to take the settlement I’ve drawn up, even though it’s very reasonable.”

She let him carry her up the stairs to their bedroom, snuggling closer to his chest. “My client refused it.  It’s not in her best interest.”

“You can be quite convincing when you want to be,”

“No work talk. We promised.” She glared up at him as he pulled the comforter over her body.

“Yes, we did.” Another soft kiss to her forehead and he flipped off the bed light.


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