Well, it’s the last day. We have made it to the letter Z.  I chose Zen for this letter, because stress relief often comes in the form of a spanking.  So, the last story for this challenge is not one of punishment, but one of zen.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this challenge. It’s been hard to write so many short stories, but it was a lot of fun creating new characters and playing with different spankings.  I look forward to next year!


The sun was evil!  Sizzling heat radiated from the sidewalks of the Las Vegas strip as Julianna made her way back to her hotel. The quilting convention had been as exciting as church bingo on  a monday morning.  Once back at her hotel, she’d write up her experience, giving a more positive spin on the afternoon, then she was hitting the pool.

“Ms. Bergensten! Ms. Bergensten!” The chatty bellhop she’d unwillingly befriended upon arrival waved a hand in the air as he chased her toward the elevators.  Her rag tag magazine hadn’t sprung for one of the luxury hotels in the middle of the strip, instead had thrown her in a small room at the Stardust.

“Yes, Billy.” She turned exasperated.

“I have a message for you. Your boss called, three times.  Said your cell wasn’t working.” The anxious boy handed her three phone messages.  She flipped through them waiting for the elevator to bing.

“Thanks, Billy.” She sighed. Each message was scrawled with horrible penmanship. She managed to make out that her deadline had been  moved up, and the piece was due in two days instead of four.

The elevator opened and she hopped on, resting her head against the back wall. Two days would be enough if she wrote up her first draft by bedtime. She could revise in the morning and send it off before her flight tomorrow night.  She was so hot!  “Fucking heat!” She sighed just as the doors opened and a casually dressed, well built man stepped on with his briefcase. His button down shirt and khaki pants made him look less business than his leather case suggested.

She wouldn’t have taken more notice of him, except his eyes caught hers.  A murky brown that softened in her gaze. His tan looked natural, as though he merely soaked up the rays as he walked through life.  Her skin burnt to a crisp at the mere mention of sunlight.

“You get used to the heat.” His gentle voice caught her attention. The elevator doors slid closed and the button he pressed lit up, two floors under hers.

“I’m sure.” She nodded and began fanning herself with her note pad.

“It’s a dry heat?” He tried again, this time giving her a lazy smile.

“Dry my ass.” She huffed. Thankfully she’d worn a tank sundress, which had kept her from sweating like the cool weather lover she was.

“You do love those curse words.” He shook his head.  Just as she was warming up a retort the elevator shook violently for a moment, as though it were skidding across ice, before it shrieked to a halt. The interior lights flickered, but managed to remain on.

“What the fuck?” She gripped the railing behind her. “Are we stopped?”

He put his case down and pressed a few buttons on the console. “Yep. Looks like.” He stood in front of the doors, and using both hands he pulled the doors apart just enough to show they were indeed between floors and there would be no easy escape. letting go, the doors slid closed again and he took a deep breath.

“Great!” She stomped her foot and quickly regretted the action when the elevator bounced enough to scare her. “Shit.” .

“It will be fine.” he waved a hand in her direction. “I’ll call the front desk.” he retrieved his phone from his back pocket and dialed.

She watched him as he made the call and spoke with the hotel management.  His hard features were soft as he spoke on the phone, his eyes glancing her direction every now and again. His muscular arms were easily seen through his shirt, and his broad back told her he took health seriously.  She allowed her imagination to conjure up the image of him pressing her against the wall of the elevator, tilting her head back, and claiming her mouth in a possessive kiss.  His imaginary fingers dug into her hair, pulling her to him, while his pelvis pushed against her.

“Are you okay?” his voice broke through her day dream. Dammit! It had been too long since her last male induced orgasm.  Seven months and twelve days to be exact.

“What? Yes. Fine. What did they say?”

“They will have us out as soon as possible.” He grinned.

“Right.” She rolled her eyes.

“You don’t seem to be enjoying your time here. I’ve seen you the past two days walking through the hotel lobby like your skirt was on fire. Normally, when a beautiful woman is that eager to get to the elevators it’s because she has a man waiting for her up in her room. But I’ve not seen you in the company of anyone other than Billy the overzealous bellhop.”

She eyed him for a moment in silence. “You’ve noticed me?”  That was the best she could do? She mentally kicked herself.

He laughed. “How could I not? You stomp through the lobby like you are either angry or pouting. Although, from what I saw when I stepped on, you seem to be more pouty than angry. You don’t like the heat.”

“No. I hate the heat. I got stuck with this damn project because SueEllen decided to crash her fucking car. She’s the arts and crafts guru. I’m the night life girl. And I’ve been stuck in a quilt show for the past two days, wanting to stab myself with a darning needle!”
“I think darning needles are for knitting.” He laughed, and she couldn’t help herself and began to giggle with him.

“Whatever. It’s been horrible.”

“So you’re a journalist?”

“Sort of, it’s a tiny magazine back in Chicago. Really tiny.” She emphasised with the use of her fingers showing the size of the company.

“Ah. I see.” he laughed again. “So you’re stressed. You’re hot. and You’re bored.” He ran down the checklist of complaints. His eyes held a mischievousness to them that only drew her to him more.

“Yes on all accounts. What are you here for?”

“Oh. A convention in old Vegas. I sell paddles.” He grinned.

“Like, canoe paddles?” She asked.

“Uh, no. Like spanking paddles.”

Her eyes must have widened because his grin did. “oh.” she managed. “Like for punishments?”

“Yes. But I much prefer to use them for fun.”

“How can a spanking possibly be fun? Women let you do that?” She tried to sound appalled, but she didn’t’ think she was pulling it off.  She had heard about the erotica convention in Old Vegas and had hoped to make a short trip that way during her time in Vegas. She’d never had a spanking as an adult, but enough fantasies made their way into her head for her to envy those that had.

“You’d be surprised how relaxing a good spanking could be.” He sounded awfully sure of himself.  Her gaze wandered to his briefcase.


“You don’t seem very shocked.” he commented, taking a step toward his case.

“I should be. I know.”

“Not really.  Some women really want a spanking, crave one, but don’t have a partner to help them, or don’t have a willing partner.”

“What about you?” she breathed out. “Your girlfriend or wife likes them?”

He gave another soft laugh. “I don’t have a girlfriend or wife.”

“How? I mean..” She felt the heat rise up her neck and take over her face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean- well. Well, fuck.” She blew out a breath of air.

He gave a low chuckle. “If you were my girlfriend, I would definitely help you get over that bad habit of cursing.”


“You heard me. It’s unladylike.” His firm voice matched the darkness of his gaze.

“Oh.” She was starting to sound like an imbecile.

“But, right now, if you were my girlfriend. I’d give you a paddling to help ease the tension out of your bones.”

“Oh?” She breathed again.

His eyes swept over her and he took a step closer to her. “My name is Evan.” he held his hand out to her.

Slowly she extended her arm and let her fingers slid into his hand. “I’m Kersten.” She found herself saying.

His fingers gripped her hand and with one swift movement he spun her around and pinned her to the wall. “Do you want me to help ease the tension, Kersten?” His breath heated her skin as he spoke into her ear.

Inwardly she groaned. She couldn’t let him touch her like that. She couldn’t allow him to spank her. “Yes.” her voice betrayed her.

“That’s a good girl.” His hand ran down her back, running circles as he made his way down to her waist. “Have you ever had a spanking before, Kersten?”

“N-no.” she answered. Her face pointed away from him and she couldn’t’ see him, but she could smell his aftershave, and feel his hands on her butt.

He grabbed her cheeks with both hands. “That’s too bad.” He dragged the skirt of her dress up. “Nice panties.” He ran his fingers along the elastic of her pink lace underwear. She knew no one would see it, but the lace always made her feel prettier.  “But spankings don’t happen with panties on, do they Kersten?”

“No.” She answered with a shaky voice. Before she could register what was happening, her panties were yanked down to her knees.

“Beautiful. Keep them there, don’t let them fall, spread your legs for me. There you go.” He sounded so authoritative, so demanding.

She would have answered him if his hand hadn’t smacked right into her ass.  She jumped from the shock of the sting, and before she adjusted to it another swat met her other cheek. She groaned as he continued. Each cheek was treated equally and a warmth spread through her backside.

“Nice.” He ran the tips of his fingers over her heated globes. “The next few will hurt more, but don’t’ struggle with me. You need these to be hard, you’ll be frustrated if they aren’t.” he coaxed her.  She nodded. “No clenching.” He chuckled. “Relax that ass of yours, Kersten.”  She loved the sound of her name on his lips.

“Sorry.” She whispered and did her best to relax her body.

“Such a good girl.” The pride in his voice was unmistakable, and it filled her with a sort of pleasure she’d not encountered before.

He hadn’t lied. The following swats were much harder. The heat spread  throughout her ass quickly, and began to feel uncomfortable.  After one harsher swat she jumped and began to twist to avoid the next.

“No wiggling.” He said firmly and repositioned himself to keep her in place. His left leg wiggled between her and the wall, while his left arm wrapped around her waist, holding her exactly where he seemed to want her.

“It hurts.” She gasped as the next volley landed on her sit spot. the fire built even more, and she was sure it wasn’t supposed to hurt so much. “It really hurts.”

“Good. We are almost there then.” He said with encouragement. “Don’t fight, Kersten, just feel it, just take it, and explore the emotions it brings you.”

Just when she thought she had lost her mind, her mind spun away from her.  The hot sting of his hand morphed into a warm, snuggling sensation.  The pressure building in her chest blew up and tears exploded from her eyes.  She cried, silently as he completed his task with her backside.

“Ah, there we are.” He whispered and stopped swatting her.  His fingers ran over her heated ass and he let his grip go of her waist. She turned from the wall and found him waiting for her with his arms open. she buried her face in his neck and let him comfort her. “There you go.” He ran his hands down her back, soothing her and letting her cry. He didn’t tell her not to, didn’t’ call her weak for letting go. He encouraged her to feel what she felt.

“I’m sorry.” She pulled away from him and began wiping her face.

He stilled her hands, and cupped her face with his own, pulling her in for a passionate, possessive kiss.  She melted right into him.  One hand left her face and traveled downward.  The skirt of her dress was lifted again, and this time his aim was for something softer. she felt his fingers slide between her folds and she groaned into his mouth. She knew she was wet, the spanking had unleashed erotic feelings inside of her. Would he think her crazy?

“God damn, you’re so hot and wet.” He pulled away from her and smiled. “Do you feel better?”

“Yes.” She smiled. “Much. How did you know that I wouldn’t punch you in the face?”

“I didn’t.” He shrugged. “But I’ve wanted to spank you for two days since I saw you march past me in the lobby.  So  much stress for one beautiful girl. Now that you are relaxed, you can concentrate better. Well, you will be if you come back to my room so I can help you release the other pent up tension.” With that he rolled her clit between his fingers and she thought her eyes would cross from the pleasure of it.

“I shouldn’t.” she breathed. “I have an article-”

“You’ll write it afterward. In my room, naked. sitting on a chair and a freshly paddled ass.” He kissed her again.

The elevator shook to life, startling them both.   She quickly righted her clothing, pulling up the lace underwear over her still heated backside. Thankfully, she was all situated when the doors slid open at his floor.  He stepped out and offered her his hand. Without hesitation, she slid her fingers into his hand and allowed him to escort her from the elevator.

“Where are you from again?” she asked.

“I never said.” He grinned as they made their way toward his room. “But I’m from Chicago.”

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