Young Love

Sheryl Young sat in her car outside Kevin Tutelage’s house taking deep, calming breaths. The breaths weren’t helping. She was racked with nerves.

She’d met the thirtysomething marketing engineer at a friends dinner party, celebrating  her engagement.  Kevin’s partner, Jeremy, had proposed to Kaitlyn in paris. Sheryl and Kevin had sat across the table from each other all night listening to their blissful engagement and dreams for the future.

On more than one occasion Sheryl felt Kevin’s gaze on her, and when she looked his way, he hadn’t had the decency to look away.  She found herself blushing under this watchful eye, and tried several times to ignore him. Finally, having had enough of his scrutiny, and the other couples had begun dominating the conversation she turned her glare on him.

“Do I have something on my face?” She asked.

He raised his eyebrow in response.

“You’re staring at me.” She had accused in a hushed voice. They were seated at the end of the table, and the couples next to them were deep in discussion over a new policy of their homeowners association.

“Yes, I am.” He had nodded with a lazy smile.  His chestnut hair swept over his forehead, showcasing the molted green coloring of his eyes. The heat in her cheeks intensified over his confession. No doubt in his expression, only confidence and control.

“Why?” She asked in a hushed tone.

“I find you pleasant to look at.” He gave a soft chuckle. “And you have a tiny piece of lettuce stuck to the corner of your mouth.”

Her hand had flung to her mouth in search of the embarrassing stow away. His deep laugh only irritated her senses further. “There’s nothing there, is there?” She hissed across the table.

“Oh, don’t get mad. I was only teasing you.” His unwavering smile annoyed her. Had he no decency!

“Ah. so you are childish. It doesn’t suit you.” She shrugged and reached for her wine glass. His hand reached the glass first and pulled it toward him.

“You’ve had enough wine, I think.” He brought her glass to his lips and drank the wine in one swallow.

The embarrassed flush of her cheeks had been quickly replaced with anger. “No one asked you.” She shot across the table with more heat and volume than she had realized, until the conversations ended abruptly and six heads turned to stare down the table at her.  “Oh.” she whispered.

“Sheryl, I see you have met Kevin, Jeremy’s partner.” Kaitlyn called cheerfully down the table. “I was hoping the two of you would manage to meet tonight.  Kevin, Sheryl, has her own food blog or vlog, or both. What do you call it, Sheryl?”

Sheryl took a steady breath and looked back at Kevin, who had returned to grinning at her, with his eyebrows raised. “It’s a cooking blog. Occassionaly I post a video, not often though.” She found herself telling him with a more civil tone.

“Sounds wonderful.” He nodded. “What sort of things do you cook?”

The rest of the evening had been spent with him only inches from her side.  His arrogance he’d shown at the onset bloomed over the course of the evening into a domineering persona that heated her insides. When she’d mentioned driving home he had quickly shaken his head and informed her that he would take her home.  She’d tried to argue that two glasses of wine hardly made her incapable of operating a car, but he’d not listened and instead took it upon himself to inform Katilyn that her car would be spending the night in their driveway.

Kaitlyn, of course, had given Sheryl a satisfied grin at the news.  When he’d dropped her off that evening he hadn’t tried to come inside.  The disappointment she’d experienced over the slight grew as she laid in bed alone. He’d been so commanding, so confident.  Once she’d gotten over his stealing her wine glass, she’d been able to settle in and talk freely with him. It had been an easy conversation. He liked to tease her, and by the end of the evening she wanted nothing more than to feel his powerful hands on her body and his hot lips on hers.

He rang her the following day offering to take her back to get her car.  Not wanting to look desperate she had declined his offer, saying she had it covered.   “Take my number and call me this afternoon when you are free.” He had said in more of authoritative tone than he’d used the evening before.

“Sheryl.” A knock on her window snapped her out of her haze of memories. Kevin stood outside the car, a dark expression in his eyes. So much had changed over the several weeks she’d been seeing him. “Out.” He pulled the door open and jerked his thumb for her to remove herself from her car. She pulled the keys from the ignition and slid out of her sedan.  The door slammed shut, and he gave her an approving glance. “So you are able to obey simple commands.” He stated flatly.

It had been two weeks since he’d officially claimed her as his.  The claiming had been everything her saucy dreams had promised.  He’d taken her hard, draped over the end of the bed, thrusting his hard cock into her again and again, proclaiming she belonged to him.  She had gripped the comforter and cried out her explosive orgasm as she felt him find his own release.  Once they had caught their breath, he had snuggled her in bed, kissing her and telling her what his ownership entailed.

Everything had seemed so foreign, so naughty.  He wasn’t just a confident man, he was a dominant power house.  They’d gone over everything she thought she knew about Domination and submission and he’d quickly cleared up several of her misgivings.  Considering the mindblowing sex, the endless caresses, and the way her stomach screwed up into a knot of joy everytime he called her is ‘good girl’, she knew she had to at least give what he offered a try.

“Seemed easy enough.” She responded to his dark tone. “A dress, no panties. Even an idiot could get that right.” She hadn’t meant to sound so snarky!  She wasn’t there for fun! His words on the phone that morning had told her exactly what was in store for her.

“Sass. Of course.” He nodded. “When you get nervous, you get sassy. If I were you, I’d try my best to curb it.  Your ass is in enough trouble already.” He grabbed her elbow and escorted her up the walkway and into his house.

The coolness of their air conditioned house helped settle her anxiety.  She knew she was in for it.  He’d found out about her night out, about her lie.  The door shut quietly behind her and he walked past her into the livingroom.  Quickly, she dropped her purse on the small table and kicked off her shoes.

When she followed him into the living room she was surprised to see another man sitting in the armchair. She sucked in her breath and paused in her step. “Kevin-”

“This is Brandon.” Kevin waved a hand in the direction of the man. “The friend of mine, I told you I’d be going to the baseball game with this afternoon.” He reminded her.

“Oh.” She nodded.

“But we are going to have to miss the first few innings.” He continued. “Why is your dress still on? Are you not in my house?” His voice was harsh. Her eyes flew to the stranger sitting in the room. “Don’t mind Brandon. He has his own submissive at home.”

With shaking hands she pushed the straps of her dress down her shoulders. Her breasts peaked at the chill in the room as he fabric brushed past them.  Keeping her gaze on Kevin, she dropped the dress to the floor, and kicking it to lay on top of her shoes.

“Better.” He nodded. His gaze was clouded with irritation. She’d never seen him look so harshly at her. As much as it upset her, she held no trepidations of letting him go through with her punishment.  “Tell me what you did wrong.”

“I- uh.” She wanted so badly to cover herself from Brandon’s view. “I went out with my friends.”

“So? I don’t mind that at all.” He crossed his arms over his chest. The t-shirt he wore tightened over his broad chest. “What did you do wrong, Sheryl.” he demanded again.

“I told you we were going out to dinner and a movie.” She said, rubbing her bare foot up and down the opposite leg.

“And? Don’t make me prompt you.”

“And we went into the city to a few clubs instead. One of which was a strip club.”


“I was drinking.  I didn’t drive home, but I drove there.  I stayed in a hotel room and came home early this morning.” She let out a long breath. She knew he’d find out, she’d known it because Kaitlyn hadn’t stayed downtown with the rest of the girls. She’d gone home to her boyfriend, who was partners with Kevin, and ratted her out!

“Now list the reasons you’re being punished right now instead of spending the afternoon working on your blog.  Tell us why we are missing the first few innings of our game.”

“I lied. I ignored your texts last night. I wasn’t given permission to spend the night downtown. I went to an unsafe club without your knowledge or permission.” She wished her stomach would settle down.  Brandon was watching her, and she could see the hard bulge of his dick through his pants from where she stood.

“Good.” HIs tone softened. “Go into the bedroom and get the black strap.  When you come back with it you’ll ask Brandon to forgive you for his missing the game. If he wishes, he may strap your ass after I’m done.”

She blanched at the idea of another man seeing her in such a position, let alone being the one to execute a punishment!  The black strap hung from the wall inside his closet. It was not the first time she’d felt the evil heat it brought to her backside, but it would be the first time it was done so in punishment. Up until that moment, Kevin only gave her spankings with his hands to discipline her. A quick swat if she got mouthy, a few hard slaps on her bare ass if she forgot a rule, but never did he take the strap to her for discipline. He’d used it to mix pleasure with pain during their play sessions, but she knew that wasn’t what he had in mind now.

When she returned to the living room she stopped at the armchair. Brandon looked up at her with a raised eyebrow and she wondered briefly if there was some Dominant class that taught that particular move. “I’m sorry you’re missing your game because of my disobedience.” She struggled with the words.

“Take your spanking like a good girl, and I won’t offer my hand.  Get out of position once, and delay our departure anymore, and I’ll be sure to give you ten of my belt.”  His voice held no threat, but a distinct promise.

She gulped and nodded.

“Come here.” Kevin called her. He took the strap away from her. “Stand right here, put your hands on your head and do not move.  You will take the standing up and if you move, get out of position, or beg for it to end before I’m done Brandon will finish the punishment.”

She nodded.  Kevin had warned her that he would allow other Dominants to punish her if her actions had inconvenienced or offended them in anyway. She had thought it a hollow threat, but no longer.

Slowly she slid her hands onto the head, lacing her fingers together.  She wasn’t sure she could take the strap standing up. Her toes dug into the carpet and before she could be sure she was ready the first blow hit. She cried out, but managed not to move.

The next two strikes came one right after another lighting a fire in her thighs where they struck.  It was a miracle that she’d been able to hold her position, each lash of the thick leather was heavy.  Tears ran freely down her face as he continued to strap her, one right after another. The weight of the strap added to the sting of the spanking.  “Two more.” He stated and before she could ready herself he pulled back and unleashed the two hardest licks of the strap.

When he was done, she stood breathing heavy. Her ass felt bruised and swollen and she cried freely. Not only at the pain in her bottom but the disappointment she’d seen in him. She’d not only ruined her day by being so disobedient, but she’d ruined his as well.

“You did well,” Kevin’s voice soothed her. He dropped the strap onto the coffee table and helped her lower her arms. “I never want to repeat this. If you lie to me, if you behave in this way again, it will be twice as much. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She whispered before his lips claimed hers. The lovingly demand of his tongue probed her lips open, and she gave over to his control.

His hands roamed her body lower until his fingers gently pried open her folds. “So fucking wet, even when you’re being punished.” He rolled her clit between two fingers. “If I tell you to let Brandon fuck you, will you obey?” Another push. They’d talked about other men using her, under his direction, but she never thought he’d actually do it.  Now that she was faced with it, she had no reservations.

“Yes.” She breathed.

“That’s my good girl.” He kissed her again. “Bend over and put your hands on the coffee table.” He eased her into place, resting his hand on her hot ass. “Brandon, if you’ll take her from behind, I want the feel of her lips around my cock.”

“Fine with me. Her ass look so hot right now.”

She heard both men unzipping and moving around the room. Kevin stood in front of her, pulling his dick out and pressing against her mouth. “Take him without complaint. Let him use your pussy while I fuck your mouth.  Don’t you come, though. No orgasms for you today, my lil disobedient slut.”  His words only drove her further into need of him.

Brandon filled her with one thrust and as she moaned her pleasure Kevin pushed his cock into her mouth.  Kevin gathered her hair into his fist and began to move in and out of her mouth, giving her little breathing room. As he continued to fuck her mouth, Brandon pushed inside of her pussy hard, riding her fast. Her ass was still sore from the strap and each thrust of his pelvis reminded her of the heat.  Her cunt gripped him as she pushed back against him, wanting all of him. She knew she was acting wanton, but she was too far gone to care.  Drool began to pool around her lips as Kevin continued thrusting over her tongue and down her throat.

“Fuck, her cunt is so tight.” Brandon growled.

“Her mouth is hot, too. Damn.” Kevin gripped her hair harder.  Each man grabbed her, pulling her toward them and she felt all the fullness of their dicks. “Swallow me, Sheryl. Every fucking drop.” Kevin thrust hard and she felt his hot come squirt aginst the back of her throat. She focused on swallowing hard, taking everything he gave her. Finally when he was spent and pulled free of her mouth and held his cock in front of her lips. She quickly went about licking him completely clean as Brandon rocked her harder from behind. “He’s going to come on your ass.” Kevin told her, holding her chin.

Just as he finished his sentence, Brandon pulled free from her and growled his release. The warm jets of his come splashed on her ass and her lower back.  “If my girl were here, she’d clean you up. Since she’s not, you’ll have to wipe up.”

Kevin helped her to stand again and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “My good girl.” He kissed her cheek. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He walked with her to the bathroom and wet a washcloth.   “You took your punishment so fucking well.” the soft voice was back. His eyes were no longer full of disappointment but of pride.  “I had hoped our first time with Brandon would be more pleasurable for you, but your choices were what they were.” He hung the cloth over the tub after he finished cleaning her.

“I really am sorry.” she whispered. his eyes met hers. “I wasn’t thinking about you or us. I was only thinking about what I wanted to do.”

“I know.” he wiped a strand of hair from her face. “It takes time to see us as a whole. To see that every time you lie or break a rule you put a crack in our foundation.  But know that every time you do, I will punish you and we’ll be healed.”

“How did you know? When you saw me at dinner at Kaitlyn’s, how did you know I would be open to this?”

“I didn’t. At least, I wasn’t positive, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Then when you  blushed so beautifully when I took your wine from you, I had a good idea. Your fate was sealed when I took your keys from you and you gave no argument.”

“I acted the slut.” She whispered into his chest as he held her close.

“Yes, you did. And it was delicious. It will be even better next time when you are allowed to come. I know your pussy is wet with need, but you’re still under punishment. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, Brandon will bring his wife over and we’ll have some real fun.” He laughed at her shocked expression. “For now, we are going to the game. I’d like it if you stayed here, for the night.  You can work on my computer after you take a long nap.”

“Yes, sir.” She smiled and let him walk her to bed.

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