Tess took her punishment fairly well, and now it’s time for Janet to take her licks.

I am having fun with these characters. I may let them ride out the rest of the challenge.

X is for X-Rated

Janet crawled onto the spanking bench with trepidation. She’d played on the bench before, and knew it could extremely erotic with the way her legs were forced apart, and her ass positioned in such away that each strike on her bottom would make her clit rub against the leather of the bench.  Brent had used the bench two times while they played in the clubs, both times she orgasmed during the spanking- something she’d heard about but doubted could actually happen.

She didn’t hold any fanciful expectations that she’d be achieving an orgasm with this spanking.  Although, she worried the anal plug would only make the eroticisim of the spanking heighten. Then again, the scowl on Brent’s face as he walked back over to her his belt in one hand and a bottle of lube in the other, told her pointedly she wouldn’t have to worry about any orgasms slipping through.

Punishments, she’d learned fairly quickly, didn’t get her gears going as much as the fun play.  The idea of his authority and discipline turned her on right away, but the actual implementation of the punishment squashed those burning embers of lust.  Brent also followed the philosophy that sex did not belong in the same night as a punishment. Even if she wanted to fuck him silly- which oddly after the burning of the spanking subsided, she did- he wouldn’t allow it. She got as many cuddles and kisses as she needed, but sex was completely off the table.

His rough hand rested on her bare ass, bringing her mind front and center for what was to come. She could hear the belt swinging beside him, the clanking of his buckle as it tapped his leg.

“I was only going to give you ten with the belt after a nice warmup. However, your questioning of my decision has doubled that amount, and your failure to obey immediately when told to present yourself for your punishment has added a figging afterward.”

Janet felt her heart plummet as she rested her forehead against the bench. A figging! She worried enough about the belting, 20 lashes was more than she’d taken for him before. Deciding that she needed to trust he wouldn’t give her more than she could handle, she didn’t argue. The plug in her mouth also stilled her from complaining.  She had questioned him. That was a huge no-no in his book. She deserved a punishment already by ignoring Rhonda’s car being stolen, and practically cheering on the robber, but to hesitate in obeying and question his judgement was even worse.  The guilt built in her shoulders, tensing her muscles.

The belt was draped across her back. “Tess, please hand me the plug.” Brent went about spreading Janet’s ass cheeks and dribbling the cold lubricant over her puckered hole.  She kept her eyes closed as her friend pulled the plug from her mouth, and then buried her face between her hands. Having such an intimate thing done to her in front of their friends was mortifying. Which was probably the point. He only plugged her during a spanking when he wanted to be sure he had her full attention.

“Tess, hold her hands, just  like she did for you.” Ian’s voice came from behind her. God, he could see her ass!

“Take the plug, Janet, don’t fight it. That’s a girl.” Brent pushed the plug into her hole, filling her immediately. She gasped as it popped into place, and her muscle held tight to the narrow neck.  She could imagine the sight of her bent over the bench, her ass spread by the black plug and she felt tears already building in her eyes.

Before she adjusted to the feel of the plug his hand began to spank her bare bottom.  Soft at first, then harsher and spread throughout her entire backside.  Tess’s thumbs ran over her knuckles as the warm up began to intensify, and she gripped her hands harder.  He wasted little time on warming up her backside. After only a dozen swats or so, he picked up the belt and positioned himself.

“Twenty.” He declared again, and Janet gripped Tess’s hands. “Keep in position, and no kicking your feet out. You kick out one time, Janet, and you will be getting the cane when we get home.”   She groaned inwardly, she had never seen him so stern before.  Questioning him had done that, had brought out the darker dominant in him.  She wasn’t afraid of him; he would never truly harm her, but he would make it his mission to teach her that she wasn’t to ever question him again. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” She breathed out, tucking her face back into the leather.

The first strap of the belt sent a searing pain through her ass.  The second landed directly over the plug, pushing it further in.  As the spanking continued she threw her head back and cried out as the fire built and spread everywhere.  He left no part of her ass untouched, but paid particular attention to the plug.

“We’d be done now, if you hadn’t been even more naughty.” His words bit at her. Naughty. The word he used to drive home that she hadn’t behaved like an adult. That she’d acted out like a child and thus was being treated as such.

“I’m sorry, Sir!” She cried out as the last set of her belting began. “I’m sorry!” Hot tears rolled down her cheeks as he ignored her pleas and continued with the thrashing.  Sure her ass could cook a small meal, she bucked against the bench as another lick of the leather connected with the plug. It took everything in her to keep her feet down and not protect her bottom.  The belting was horrible, a canning would have been even worse.

Her hands gripped Tess’s fiercely as the last strokes were given. Once he gave her the last, and harshest crack of the belt, he stood behind her. She could hear his heavy breathing among her own soft sobs. He had never spanked her so hard before, and she was sure he hated it almost as  much as she did.

The silence hung in the room. Tess didn’t let go of Janet’s hands until Ian gave her the instruction to go up to the kitchen and get the ginger from the fridge as well as a knife. Janet’s sobs became louder after her friend had left the room.  She could hear Brent sliding his belt back into the loops of his pants. Once his buckled was set, she felt his hands on her back, moving in soft circles.  He wouldn’t rub her ass, but he would soothe her in this manner until she calmed.

“We’re almost done.” He bent over her and whispered in her ear. His aftershave enveloped her and the sensation of safety washed over at the same time.  The man who had just set her ass ablaze was comforting her and readying her for the last part of her punishment.  “You’ve done well, taking your spanking and plugging. I expect the same with the figging.  Once the ginger is firmly in place, you’ll remain in this position for twenty minutes.  Your pussy is dripping wet, but no release for you my dear.” he tapped the plug.

“I know.” She whispered.

Tess’s footsteps on the stairs made her tense. Brent moved away from Janet momentarily and thanked Tess.

“Tess, please go kneel in your corner.” Ian instructed and Tess left them to obey his command.

The aroma of ginger filled the room as Brent went about peeling a finger.  She could hear the fibers tear from the root as he slid the knife between the flesh and the skin.  Never would she think of ginger the same again.

Once he was finished, Brent spread her cheeks again and slid the plug out.  “Now, this is going to be very uncomfortable, Janet. I want you to think over the next twenty minutes why your ass is burning on the inside and out.” Just as she heard his words, the ginger slid into her, filling her as much as the plug had.  At first, there was just an odd tingling sensation but soon enough a slow burn began to build, and she whimpered from the discomfort.

“Stop clenching, it makes it worse.” Tess offered from the corner.

“Tess!” Ian snapped. “Would you like a finger of ginger in your ass, too?”

“No, sir.” Her soft voice answered.

“Then I suggest you kneel there and remain silent.”

“Yes, sir.”

Janet relaxed as best she could and some of the burn did alleviate, however not enough to make the situation comfortable.  She took deep breaths trying to ignore the irritation, but every time she seemed to drift away a sharp slap to her ass dragged her right back to the present.

“Focus.” Brent gave another slap to her already sore backside.  “Was it worth it?” Brent asked. “Skipping yoga class and watching Rhonda’s car be stolen?”

She sniffled. “No.”

“Why did you lie about yoga?”

“I hate that instructor. I planned to go, I did. But then Tess called and asked if I wanted to meet, and that sounded better.”

“And you didn’t inform me, because..”

“I thought you’d say I had to go to yoga.” She confessed, squirming a bit. The burn was becoming more intense as the moments ticked by.

“And you thought you’d take that decision away from me.” His hand rested on her butt, playing idly with the finger of ginger root sticking out of her anus.

“Ahh..” She squirmed more as he began to move the root in and out.

“Answer please.”

“That’s not how I meant it, but I see now that’s what I did.” She gasped as another slap radiated throughout her backside.

“I think we’ll need to go over our rules again. We need to discuss your thoughts on submission. Okay, it’s over. Clean the bench, wipe all your pussy juice from the leather, get dressed, and go straight to the car. We will continue this discussion at home.” The ginger slid from her aching rectum as he gave his last dicate and her heart dropped.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s not about you being sorry, babe.” He helped her to stand from the bench and cupped her chin. Dark eyes met hers. “It’s about growing inside. It’s about knowing what and who you are. Sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes you have to go to yoga even when you don’t want to. You didn’t tell me you didn’t like the instructor. You just took it upon yourself to fix the situation and completely cut me out of it.  That’s not what you wanted before, so we just have reevaluate, make sure we are on the same page.”

“Are you going to break up with me?” She gasped, new tears burning her cheeks.

“Fuck no.” His voice was fierce, his grip on her chin tightened. “Never.” He shook his head. “We just need to go over things again. This is all still new to you.”

“Are you going to spank me again?” She asked in a low voice. She felt raw from the belting, and her insides still held a residual burn from the ginger.

His hands moved from her chin to rest on her shoulders. “No. There’ll be other activities, but none that involve anymore punishment.” He touched the tip of her nose, a signal that he was finished with the subject for the moment.  “Now, clean up and get going. I think Ian would like to finish up with his girl in private.”

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