Jared stood in the hallway with his dick in his hand.  The erection had started on its own, as most do when watching your flat-mate fuck his girlfriend.  He hadn’t meant to play the voyeur, but the door was open when he passed by the room. 

The day of working at the local markets dealing with the greedy vendors in order to purchase the best produce at a decent price for his restaurant had left him exhausted. After laying in bed watching a few shows that annoyed  more than entertained him, he had decided to grab a beer.  

Geoffrey’s door was cracked open and the low groans of a woman wafted into the hallway. Jared paused at the door, giving it a gentle push to widen his view.  Mariam lay on the bed completely nude. Her arms were raised overhead and leather cuffs pinned her to the headboard.  Her long, athletic legs opened and tethered to straps coming out from under the mattress left her sex completely exposed. Geoffrey hovered over her breasts, sucking one while pinching the other. 

Mariam’s long red hair splayed on the pillow around her head, giving her the appearance of the aura of a vixen. Her eyes were closed as Geoffrey’s hand ventured down to her shaved mound and began to play with the folds of her wetness.  His fingers rolled over her clit and spread her lips to expose her further. Jared took a deep breath in the hallway. Geoffrey’s head shot up and their eyes locked. Jared half grinned and took a step back.

“Jared? Come in!” Geoffrey leapt off the bed, unmoved by his own nakedness. He flung open the door fully and pulled Jared in by his arm. 

“Sorry, Geoffrey, I was on my way to the kitchen-“

“Don’t worry about it.” Geoffrey smiled widely. “Mariam doesn’t mind. Right, babe?”  The two men looked down at the captive woman. She eyed Jared with a glint of excitement in her eyes. 

“No, not at all.” She whispered.  

“Do you wanna fuck her?” Jared’s eyes shot open in surprise at the question. Geoffrey laughed. “Don’t worry, mate. It’s what we do.” He clapped his hand on Jared’s shoulder. “Tell you what. You stand here, and when you’re ready to jump in- jump in.”  Geoffery left him at the foot of the bed and went back to work. 

He sat beside Miriam on the bed and began to rub her pussy with his hand. He stroked her as if he were petting a beloved dog. He looked up at Jared. “She has the best cunt I’ve ever been in. And she tastes un-fucking-believable.”  He dipped his head down and took a long lick of her and sat back up grinning.  “Come here.” 

Jared glanced once more at Miriam who gave him a nod, then slid onto the bed between her legs. He licked his lips as he lowered his mouth to her wet pussy. She tasted wonderful, better than he had expected.  He ran his tongue along her lips and when he came to her clit he sucked gently, flicking it when she moaned.  

“That’s a good girl, show Jared you love his tongue on your cunt.” Geoffrey said and shifted his position.  Jared stole a glance and found Geoffrey standing beside her head pointing his dick at her mouth. “Suck me.” He demanded in a tone Jared had not heard before used. “Jared, you keep sucking on her, don’t stop until I say.” The tone turned to him, his dick jerked in response. 

Jared slid a finger into her hot entrance, keeping the pressure of his tongue on her clit. She gave a muffled moan and arched her hips upward.  He continued his assault on her clit, flicking it with his tongue and then spanking it with his hand. 

“God yes, spank her pussy.” Geoffrey directed. Jared looked up and saw her mouth full of his cock. “Spank it hard.”  Jared obeyed the command and received a “Good boy” for it. He took a deep breath and reached down to his dick to stroke it.  “Take off those pajama bottoms. Let’s see your prick.”  Again, Jared obeyed. 

Once naked, his hand stroking his cock, he went back to work on Mariam’s pussy.  Geoffery held her face in his hands and was fucking her mouth.  The room filled with hisses of joy, and muffled moans of pleasure. 

Jared felt her tense around his fingers and looked up Geoffrey. “She’s going to come.” He said. 

“Good boy.” Geoffrey ground out between thrusts. “She may come when she’s ready. Lick all her juices up, every drop of it. Then stick that dick of yours into her.” Geoffrey ran his hand over Mariam’s hair as he gave his instruction. There was a line of drool hanging from her cheek as he fucked her face. 

Jared increased his pressure on her clit, stroking it hard with his tongue as he plunged three fingers into her pussy. Harder and faster than before. She groaned, her muscles tensed and a loud, muffled scream greeted them as the waves of orgasm released.  Jared felt the spasms begin to subside around his fingers and he cleaned her cunt with his tongue. He felt Geoffrey’s eyes on him the entire time, and he wanted to be sure to follow his instructions. He sat back from her, her juices still on his chin, he looked to Geoffrey. 

“Good boy, now fuck the shit out of her until you come. Don’t come in her though. Come on her stomach.”

Jared didn’t need any more direction. His dick was too hard for comfort as it was. He thrust his dick into her wet heat and nearly came undone. Quick thrusts brought him closer to his own release.  He opened his eyes and saw Geoffrey pull out of Mariam’s mouth and began to jerk his dick. 

“Open for me.” He said to her and she obeyed completely. Her mouth opened wide and Geoffrey groaned out his own orgasm, spraying her face with his come. 

Jared came undone with the image and pulled out of the heaven of her pussy and began to stroke himself until he found his own haven.  His come landed on her taught stomach and he steadied himself on the bed to catch his breath. 

“Such a good girl and a good boy!” Geoffrey’s voice came softly, pulling Jared into the present. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a towel. He cleaned himself with it and handed it to Jared. “Clean yourself up. Then clean her, too.  You can release her restraints when you’re done.  I’m going into the kitchen to make us all a snack.” 

Jared began the task of wiping the come from the naked body before him. 

“When you two are dressed you may join me in the dining room and we can discuss our new relationship.” Jared’s eyes met Mariam’s when Geoffrey’s word hit him. She smiled and gave a content sigh.  

He hurried in his task of cleaning her off. 

Wicked Wednesday

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