I’m not sure i can do this. My heart is hammering against my chest so hard I can barely hear anything else in this room.  Loud cries of pleasure and whimpers of pain fill the atmosphere. Naked bodies lean against crosses and over benches, baring themselves to which ever delicious device their playmate chooses for them.  Normally these sounds ignite my own flame of desire, but not tonight. Tonight these sounds only reiterate that there is a large number of people in the room. Witnesses, every one of them.  To my shame.

My pet stands at the entrance of the dungeon clinging her robe to her chest as though it were her liferaft.  There will be no safety net tonight, aside from myself. I will always be her safety net, eventually she will learn this.  For now she must learn another lesson.  

I walk to her with my arms open, pulling her to me. She smells of honey; I think it’s her soap. I kiss her cheek and then her lips.  I taste the spearmint of the gum she was chewing earlier.  “Look at me.” I pull her chin up so that our eyes meet. I have never seen this shade of green before, murky and deep- lovely. “I will not let you falter.” I make my promise to her. “I will be at your side the entire time. You are only to feel what you feel. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she answers, apprehension shadows her smile. I pry her fingers from the robe and slide my hands inside. Her skin is smooth, moist.  I push the robe further back, exposing her nude breasts. Large and round- beautiful.  I pull the dressing gown from her arms and fold it over my own arm, leaving her completely naked. She wants to cover herself, but she keeps her hands at her sides.  I kiss her lips once more and clip her leash to the ring on her collar.  “It’s time.”

The chill in the room is easy to ignore. My face is on fire from my embarrassment.  Sir walks me further into the room. It takes everything in me to keep my hands at my sides. I promised.  I want him to find pride in my behavior if he doesn’t find any in my appearance.

He’s never complained about my body. In fact he’s always been considerate and polite about it. He claims my tits are full and wonderful. I know they are flat and low.  He tells me my bottom is ample and perfect for his paddle and whips, but I know it shakes grotesquely with each blow.  He kisses my belly now and then telling me how feminine I am with my curves.  I am aware that I make a better pillow than most women.

A small group of men stand near the empty spanking bench.  Sir walks me to them and greets them, he’s friends with two of them. I recognize them from other parties. My face burns anew.
“Tony, you’ve met my Karena before.” Sir smiles at me. Tony nods. “I have her naked tonight because we’ve been discussing something.  She insists on believing her body is displeasing.” He pulls on the leash to bring me closer.  “Doesn’t she have the most beautiful tits?” Sir lifts my breast with one hand while he comments.

“Hell yeah.” Tony responds with a grin. “Mind if I touch them?” His voice is polite, he’s not begging.

“Of course.” Sir releases me and steps behind me.  I take a deep breath as Tony touches me.  His hands kneads my breasts. He’s gentle with his grip. I feel his eyes on me.

“Karena, you have amazing tits. Your Sir is lucky to have these to play with, to fuck, and to whip. Have you whipped them yet, Ian?” He releases me.

“Yes. They dance beneath the crop and the whip.  I’d like to use the flogger on her chest next, but she’s a bit scared of it- so we are easing into it. “ His arms wrap around my waist and I feel his breath on my ear. “What do you say to Tony?  He complimented you.”

“Thank you,” I manage to speak, though my stomach is twisted in such knots I worry if I’ll be able to keep this up much longer.

“Good, Karena. Now turn around.” Sir directs me and I obey. I wish I could crawl inside myself, hide away from the eyes on me.  He won’t have it. “Keep your eyes open. Feel everything.”

“Nice ass.” Another voice chimes in. I don’t recognize it.

“Isn’t it?” Sir says with pride. “She complains it’s too large.” He rats me out to his friends.

“Too large?” the man laughs. “If I could get that ass under a flogger, I’d have myself a great time for at least an hour. I bet it looks even prettier all striped and red.”

“Would you like to see?” My Sir asks and swallow hard.  We’ve played in public before, but not with a dedicated audience.  I assume the man has agreed as Sir pulls me over the bench. Before I can adjust my position I feel his hand reigning down swats. I do my best not to cry out and to take the spanking with dignity. As much as i can with my cheeks flopping the way they are.

“Excellent bounce.” The man compliments.

“Would you like to?”   

A new set of hands are on me, feeling me, spreading me. Another spanking.

Once he was finished with me, Sir helped me to stand.  “Karena, what do you say?” He prompts me.

“Thank you for the spanking.” I smile. I can’t deny the spanking felt good.

“You’re welcome, Karena.  You have a very spankable ass. I hope to see it around the dungeon more often.”


My pet did very well tonight. We walked around the dungeon, and she gathered many compliments on her body.  Several men enjoyed her being spanked, and a woman was given the privilege of sucking on her breasts.  

Each new person she met brought more confidence to my pet. Not because these people gave her compliments and built her up, but because I showed her around as my beauty.

“You speak with such pride when you show me off.” She whispers to me while we walk toward her favorite play station.

“And why is that?” I ask her as I tether her to the cross.

“Because I’m something to be proud of.” She grins at me over her shoulder.

I reward her with a long flogging. Her favorite implement on her favorite piece of equipment.  

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