The Cabin in the Woods

It was a shack. The shutters hung half ruined from the windows. Paint on the windows curled away from the wood trim.  Wind blew past the small group of travelers, blowing the half hinged screen door against the wall.  The group of college graduates stood at the end of the dirt walk path leading to the small house holding their hopes for a celebratory weekend in their hands.

“Well, the ad did say it was a cozy, rustic cabin.” Jeremy fumbled with his bags and began the short walk up to the cabin.  His three friends in tow.

“Rustic? This place looks like it’s going to fall down on top of us with the next wind.” Sharon took a cautious step onto the wooden patio. The wood let loose a loud creak but otherwise seemed sturdy. She put her full weight, all 125 lbs of her athletic body, on the porch. “I think it’s okay.” She threw a smile over her shoulder and headed for the door.

The inside of the cabin appeared to be in much better shape. The freshly pressed curtains hung on the windows, shielding the small room from the harsh sunlight of the late afternoon.  Small bundles of wild flowers filled the room with the scent of nature.  Sharon tossed her bags on the couch expecting to see a cloud of dust kick up at her. There was none.

“Sweet. Cozy and rustic, as promised.” Roy kissed Sharon on the cheek. “Where’s the bedrooms?” He gave her a lazy smile to go with the pinch to her ass.

“We’ve been in the car for four hours, shower before you touch me.” She shoved him away and headed to the kitchen to unpack the groceries she brought.  

Jeremy looked over at their fourth travel companion, Scarlet.  She’d been Sharon’s chem partner for the last year and Sharon invited her along. “So you aren’t the third wheel.” She had told Jeremy.  

Scarlet stood in the center of the room staring at him in the awkward way she had been staring at him the entire trip.  Her eyes lingered over his mouth and then darted for his groin.  When he caught her licking her lips after a recent googling of his crotch he’d done his best to stay an arms length away.

The foursome spent the afternoon hiking the trails behind the cabin. Spring was quickly fading into summer but many of the trees held fresh buds on them. Jeremy stopped to admire a deep purple blossom but quickly changed directions when he noticed Scarlet stalking toward him.

He found her attractive enough. She held a similar body to Sharon, having been on the same Lacrosse team. Her skin spoke of no blemishes, warts, or otherwise, but a creepy sensation trailed down his spine when she ventured too close to him.  

After dinner Jeremy found an old ledger on the bookshelf in the livingroom.  He thumbed through the brittle pages as Sharon and Scarlet made popcorn. “Hey, I think this cabin used to be used for servants. Isn’t there some big plantation down the road a few miles back?”  Jeremy turned to ask Roy.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“It looks like they were kept here during travel, on their way somewhere.” Jeremy wiped the pages hoping to get a better look at the markings on the frail, yellowed pages.  “They were being transported for sale!” He pulled the book closer to his face. “The women were kept here while waiting for their new owners to arrive. See…” He held the book up in the air, but no one was listening.  

The ledger tracked the women arriving at the cabin, who “tested” them out, and who purchased them.  The last entry chilled his blood. A twenty two year old woman had been “tested” by several men but no buyers.  No entry showed a sale or where the woman ended up.  The ledger ended with her name.

“What do you think happened to her?” Scarlet breathed over his shoulder. He scrunched up his shoulders to block her.

“Probably nothing. Maybe they got shut down.” Roy chimed in as he took his seat in the rocking chair with a cold beer in his hand. He handed an opened bottle to Jeremy, who snapped the book shut and scooted closer to Roy- avoiding Scarlet.

“Take that room there.” Sharon pointed to the room directly next to Scarlet. He grimaced but entered the bedroom, eager for a good nights sleep.  The long ride to the cabin mixed with the fresh air left him exhausted.  He sunk into bed ready to drift deep into sleep.

“Jeremy.” A soft voice woke him. “Jeremy.” He opened one eye. Nothing. He rubbed his eyes and turned over. “Jeremy” The husky voice called to him again. He sat up in bed to look around.

“Scarlet!” He jumped at the sight of her sitting on the edge of the bed. Her long auburn hair hung loose over her shoulders covering her naked breasts. “What are you doing in here?” He rubbed his eyes again, hoping to see her gone when he was through.

She sat closer to him. Her hands reached out to him, caressing his cheek. Her eyes locked with his as she slipped one hand down his chest and under his covers. She found his half hard dick through his pajama pants and began to stroke him.  He instantly responded to her touch. She grinned at him, tucking her lower lip beneath her teeth.

“Don’t you want me?” She asked in a soft, seductive voice as she pulled the covers completely away from him. She shimmied his pants off and wrapped her lips around his shaft before he was able to respond. Her lips felt like heated silk around his head. Her tongue caressed the sensitive area underneath as she took him fully into her mouth.

He leaned back against his pillows, running his hands through her hair. Her tongue danced over his head while her teeth applied the perfect degree of pressure against his cock. In an abrupt motion she pulled him out of her mouth, making a popping sound. He opened his eyes and found her straddling him.

“Do you like me so far?” She asked with a tilt to her head. He nodded, dumbstruck at the pleasure the awkward girl from the car was bringing him.  His shaft slid into her hot, wet cunt. He was enveloped with the slick, silken walls of her as she began to ride him. He gripped her hips and drove up toward her.  The sound of her ass slapping against his thighs filled the room.

He found her breasts and began to play with her nipples. They were larger than he thought.  She groaned into the air, he growled his own pleasure.  Her hands gripped his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh.   “I’m going to come.” She looked at him in a panic. He was close, too.

“Good.” He smiled up at her and reached between them. He found her swollen clit and rubbed it with his middle finger. She groaned, threw her head back and rode him hard. She screamed out her orgasm, the rippling of the event bringing on his own release. They humped each other until the very last drop of orgasm had been spent, She collapsed onto his chest.

“My god.” He blew his breath out into the dark room. “I had no idea you were so..so..” He didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence. She rolled off of him and walked from the bed, silently, her head bowed. He didn’t see or hear the door open, but she was gone from the room. He worried. Had he hurt her?   He pulled his pajamas back up and went to her room.

“Scarlet. Scarlet.” He knocked on the door. He heard a rustling of bedsheets and the soft patter of bare feet on the floor. The door squeaked when it opened. A disheveled, half asleep Scarlet stood in the doorway. Her hair was tossed every which way, across her cheeks her makeup was smeared and her full length flannel nightgown screamed virgin. He narrowed his eyes. “Scarlet. Weren’t you just- I mean, we just. You were in my room.” He rubbed the back of his neck. She looked at him with confusion.

“I was asleep. Did you want something?” She asked with the same awkward hope as during the car ride earlier in the day.  

“Uh, no. I’m sorry. I thought- I thought I heard something in your room. Must have been the wind.” He pulled her door shut while she continued to stare at him and headed back to his room.

Once he closed the door to the bedroom he flicked on the light. There stood his naked mistress. Her hair draped over her chest, her eyes boldly staring at him. In her right hand a small ax.  

“Did you make your purchase?” Her knuckles turned white while adjusting her grip on the ax.

“What? No- wait!” He held his hands over his head to ward off the sharp weapon. But axes cut through hands and arms. They cut through skulls and organs. They do all of this while friends sleep in rooms nearby unaware of the horrors taking place.  

She only wanted to be wanted.  She needed to be needed. Scarlet, born 1802, stood over the body of Jeremy as his blood pooled around him and crept under the bed and through the floorboards.  

I don’t know what it is about Wicked Wednesday, but it brings out my darker side! I wish I had given myself more time to work with this piece, because I think I could have made it a bit more creepy without giving away too much too fast. But it is what it is, and I loved writing it. Now, head over to see the other awesome entries!
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