Identity.  One word simple word that can stop a person cold in their tracks if you put it to them. “What is your identity?” “Who are you?”   Asking a writer what their identity is can be terrifying. 

So many different things go into my identity as a writer. It’s not just about what I write, but rather how and why I write, I think.   I have loved writing since I was a kid- like most writers. I have never had the amount of confidence in my writing as perhaps I should have, but it has always been my passion. But that’s not why I write.  I write because it’s what makes me feel like me. 

When the words begin to flow, and my fingers dance over my keyboard creating the characters and their surroundings, I feel at peace.  My children can argue and yell right behind me and I hear nothing.  I’ve entered a world that belongs only to me.  I write because it’s what my brain demands of me. There have been times that I felt if I didn’t get the story out of my head and onto paper I was going to explode!  That is why I write, because it’s me.

My process for writing?  Ha! Process!  I wish I had that much control over it!  When the need strikes me to write it’s like an ache in my chest that won’t be healed until the keyboard is safely tucked under my fingertips.  There are days I wander around thinking of the plots and the characters but they aren’t ready to come out yet. I have to wait until they are ready to emerge.  So when I say I have no real control over that…I mean it. If I sit and try to force a story out…forget it…complete constipation.  But when I let go and let the story and the characters come to me…then everything flows better.

Identity in the BDSM world isn’t very clear cut either.  Master, Dom, Top, Slave, Submissive, bottom….what are you…what definition do you fall into?  Labels! Ha! I have yet to find my comfortable place in that list and I doubt I ever will.  

I love to live out fantasy on paper, create a world of exotic things that may never happen to me in real life, but give me just as much satisfaction through living it in my mind. (Well…in some ways that might not be all true…but we are staying G rated today)

My identity as a writer doesn’t have to be complicated. I write what I dream and what I love.   I’m a fantasy world creator, that’s my identity.  

Your turn! What is your identity as a writer? What makes you’re keyboard go click click click.  Comment here or post on your own blog and leave your link here.  Or email me at meashasmusings@gmail.com